The cyclicality of fashion

An economic crisis can melt your fortune to levels of a decade ago. Yet fashion can bring you back even further, under the nostalgic eyes of tamed parents.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/1000, ISO200

10 Responses to “The cyclicality of fashion”

  1. Jerome dit :

    Says the photographer with the expensive Leica kit ;-)

  2. Damn, you’re one tall dude!!!

  3. Your nickname should be « LG »…as in ‘Leica Giraffe’ :-)

  4. Carlos Prieto dit :

    they look like models

  5. Valery dit :

    It’s not retro fashion, it’s crisis fashion.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  6. Zlatko dit :

    Photos like this one are quite difficult to achieve, as rangefinder users will appreciate. The focusing patch is in the center, but the subject is off-center and is in motion. The aperture gives extremely little depth of field, so there is virtually no room for error in focusing. A slight miss and nothing will be in focus.

    Do you prefocus and manage to click exactly when they reach that pre-set distance, or do you focus at center and then recompose super-quickly, even faster than the subject moves?

  7. pierre dit :

    Kristian, that’s funny, i was about to say quite the same thing about Yanidel The Great. I hope he was on a chair, on a table, otherwise these 2 parisians are midgets… Could be however.

    Zlatko, i would say that Yanick is the most quick and accurate focuser in the world… Look at this portfolio…

    Jerome la passion n’a pas de prix, hein?

    Yanidel’s answering machine :p

  8. admin dit :

    Zlatko, I always set the distance to 1.5 or 2 meters on the 35mm lens. So I have learnt to guess etimate these distances. I still look in the patch to get an idea of when the focus is going to achieve and do recompose very quickly in shots like this one. Obviously, I do not post the pictures where I have misfocused and it does happen. But with a lot of practice, the hit rate can become pretty high.

    Pierre, Kristian, I am a bit shorter than 2 meters, not quite at the standard of a Giraffe though but it allows me to get a lot of depth and perspective on these kind of shots. I must use the advantages of my height ;) The subjects were not midgets but not that tall either ;)
    And thanks for being my answering machine !

  9. Zlatko dit :

    I am very impressed! And thank you for the reply. :)