New website delayed (a little bit …)

Argentina here I am. A small town in middle of soy fields. Lots of great people and stories coming up.

Yet, internet connectivity is not what I expected so it will take me a few more days before I launch the new website.  Hopefully early next week !

7 Responses to “New website delayed (a little bit …)”

  1. lauren dit :

    enjoy your stay there! wish I could go back soon.
    Love the last two photos!

  2. asia dit :

    I can’t wait!

  3. Fatima dit :

    have a nice trip!

  4. Mauricio dit :

    Argentina My beloved country. I’ll be there next week for month about, contact me if you need something if I can i’ll help you. Great blog and hope to see soon photos from Argentina.

  5. Bo dit :

    Argentina, how cool.

    Very excited to see the new site.

  6. Georgie dit :

    argentina! enjoy your trip!
    waiting for the site..