Discover my new website : 80 weeks around the world.

I am proud to announce you the launch of A website that will document my 80 weeks trip around the world. More interactivity, more contents and larger pictures with a new zoom feature. Hope you will enjoy it, it is still work in progress but it should be running full speed a few weeks from now.

As for this blog, I will still update it and for as long as I find worthy contents in my archive.

4 Responses to “Discover my new website : 80 weeks around the world.”

  1. Congrats on the site Yanick, looks good!

  2. Fred Rio dit :

    If you want to take a trip to the Keys or the Bahamas you can be my guest aboard SerenityNow.

  3. justbloglah dit :

    And hope you will keep updating this blog too.