Slideshow : The Dada Bar project

There is no other place like a bar’s terrace to understand the social life of Paris. Over the last 24 months, I took dozens of shots of two bars on my way to work or the market. Please click here on the picture to discover the life of the first one, the Dada bar. Pay special attention to details and interactions, Parisians are a special kind ;)


8 Responses to “Slideshow : The Dada Bar project”

  1. Jack dit :

    All the details are really eye-catching, your colours & clarity are fabulous as always.
    Anyway, the idea of showing this interesting place in different times of a day (and of a year, probably). What was the time span between the first and the last shot?
    Also, am I right that 27 & 28 features the very same man, just in different clothes?

  2. Axel Cordes dit :

    WOW – that’s a great idea and great done!

    At the very beginning I was looking to find the photographer in the glass mirror, and had to go back to the shot itself ;-) – don’t use a white shirt *ggg* (but that comment only on the fun side of it)

    Your series is very strong and it works out fantastic as you (as always) do hold the same kind of image development. Probably lower on ‘vibrance’ ?

    Thank you for sharing.
    Ciao Axel

  3. Loulou dit :

    C’est génial ! Il faudra que j’y aille !
    C’est tellement ça Paris, c’est tellement ça une terrasse de café ! J’adore ce brassage incroyable ! Ton projet sociologique et… photographique est extra !
    Bises de New Delhi ;-)

  4. admin dit :

    @ Jack, more or less 2 years. I hadn’t notice the repeated guy, but actually after looking better, I think he actually appears on 4 pictures ;)

    @ Axel… I think I actually cloned me out once when it was too obvious on the windows. But did not pay too much attention, so I might be here and there.
    Actually, it is lower on saturation and higher on vibrance.

    @ Loulou, merci, et oui les terrasses de Paris me manquent déjà, cela représente tellement tout ce qu’est Paris. Bises.

  5. Valery dit :

    Each second is different to the other. Each person is unforgettable. True and sincere project. Life runs, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly in Dada Bar Project.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  6. admin dit :

    Valery, you should really be a philosopher ! ;)

  7. Axel Cordes dit :

    >it is lower on saturation and higher on vibrance
    Thank you!

    >so I might be here and there.
    Yes, and it should also be no problem – it was just ‘me’ that I was personally focused on it, and though had to go back and see the real content of the images.

    Again: strong series and again very inspiring!

    Ciao Axel