The true Parisian

With a beret, smile and friendly expression, isn’t that the face of a true Parisian ?  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/750, ISO160

8 Responses to “The true Parisian”

  1. Simon dit :

    Picture posted in Humour.
    Could it be, that being tall doesn’t charm all people?
    Eisenstaedt got almost everybody smiling.

  2. Tibor dit :

    awesome composition and expression caught.

  3. Simon dit :

    Very tall Doisneau made everybody look good and nice, because that’s what we all should be, whereas Eisy also caught the expression of the man in the chair out-doors looking up, surrounded by his underlings.
    Different times now: live and let live with humour :)

  4. admin dit :

    I guess being tall doesn’t charm everybody, but for you it helps when people are mad for taking their pictures. ;)
    Seriously, I’d never post a picture of someone in a very bad posture. Though obviously how we judge it is very subjective.
    And though smiles are beautiful, they often ruin a good street picture. Kind of weird>.

  5. simon dit :

    How people look and on the other hand how they look when they have their picture taken, that matches even less than how they really are. Parisians are polite and witty, in Argentina they are all this probably too and also very cheerful.
    Everywhere else it’s sunglasses or a permanent mobile phone or simply closing the eyes for a second.
    It’s the right of a snapper to shoot but not the obligation of a subject to play along.
    Sorry to put it this way, though I love street-photography: in his best intentions and usually obtaining nice results, the photog creates the problem. « The natives are friendly » is the exception, at least if one is not Doisneau jun. like you.
    Girls mostly don’t have the guts but maybe they would be on average the better street-shooters? Subjects would do more to be impressive :)

  6. Valery dit :

    Yes, he has some of parisian identity, but times change so fast, and that man is a classical, an antique.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  7. admin dit :

    Simon, my ultimate goal in SP is candids. To take the picture as they are without noticing me. The editing comes afterwards and obviously I cannot post all the pictures I take, in respect for the people in bad postures.
    Also, sometimes the scene is so good that I take the picture even if I am spotted. And sometimes eye contact is good, but the shot must be taken before the acting or the « V » sign ;)
    Not easy but indeed I find too many SP shots are above « someone walking deeply in his thoughts » or « absorbed by his problems » … It is a true fact that a person walking rarely smiles, which leads to a tendency to make up things a bit too much by us street photographers.
    In the case of this picture, I have no idea while he had that slight smile. But it turned out good, even if not quite representative of a Parisian in his daily life ;)