First book is available : Little Crimes of Paris

I am proud to announce that my first book is on sale on Blurb. « Little Crimes of Paris » is a series of  two pages crime stories, that is associations of apparently unrelated candids taken over a three years period. In the respect of the street photography tradition, all scenes depicted are unstaged, unplanned and of unknown people. Like the blog itself, the book has a high touch of surrealism and lyricism. Obviously, all depicted crimes are fictious, and I am sure that they’ll put your imagination at work.

Many of the pictures included in the book have been posted on this website, yet others will be completely new to you. They all have been carefully re-processed and adapted for printing on the book’s 25 x 20 cm (10″x 8″) format.  Note that two versions of the book are available, that is on regular and premium paper. Blurb also allows you to select the type of cover, that is soft or hard. I recommend the premium paper + hard cover version, yet the lower cost regular paper is also of good quality. You can preview the 20 first pages in the widget below.

For the regular paper version (80 pages, starts at €23.95, $28.45), click here or through the preview below.

For the premium paper version (starts at €27.24, $32.34), click here.

A big thanks in advance to all of you that will purchase it. It took me several years of shooting and months of editing to come up with a book that I feel proud to offer for sale. So I hope you will enjoy « Little Crimes of Paris » and do not hesitate to give your feedback here.

Note that Blurb handles payment, printing and shipping. I have ordered several times from them and have been very satisfied with the quality of their products. Also, in case of defects or bad quality of a print, Blurb will either offer you a return or reprint.

13 Responses to “First book is available : Little Crimes of Paris”

  1. Rick dit :

    Very cool! I’ll get a couple as gifts. Did you make it using Blurb’s software or did you use InDesign? Do you feel like Blurb’s color matching is accurate?

  2. Sergey dit :

    Wanted to wish you the best of luck with the book Yanidel! I really liked your blog from Paris and was very much inspired by your work. Your photographs are fantastic. Cheers!

  3. Mikael Siirilä dit :

    Fantastic. This is a must have.

  4. Andi dit :

    How exciting, I love the concept, very cool!

  5. KEvin dit :

    Wonderful Yanidel. Congrats!
    Is the photo of the people coming at you in the Austin Minor in the square in it? One of my favorites.

  6. Valery dit :

    You know I love your photos and I would love to get a photobook with your sign included.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  7. admin dit :

    Thanks you all for the comments and to those who have ordered the book !

    Rick, I used Blurb software. The color matched pretty well yet the blacks were a bit darker then what I expected so I had to correct.

    Kevin, no Austin in that one, maybe in a following one ;)

  8. Just got my copy, and I love it. Perhaps the most entertaining photography book I have ever browsed.

  9. Good to hear you found the time for making a book. I ordered it right now and am looking forward to have it in my hands in 2 weeks from Blurb! Safe travels, Carsten

  10. Loulou dit :

    Proud of you, well done
    I love the concept of crimes all along the book and photographs
    cheers from Delhi

  11. Richard dit :

    Got the book, wonderful photos as expected, and also with great humor from the author’s imagination!

  12. admin dit :

    Thanks Richard for purchasing it, I am glad you like it !

  13. black friday dit :

    very infomative!