Sunset of a life

Is it when you turn your back to the last rays of the sun ?  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/4000, ISO160

7 Responses to “Sunset of a life”

  1. betharr dit :

    full of elements revealed by the sun

  2. frankdejol dit :

    Excellent title for this picture.

  3. Arzu dit :

    I sooooo love the colour of your photographs and the effect they create, like in this one. And I am torn apart between being jealous of you for you having a gorgeous Leica M9 with those beautiful lenses or pitying myself not knowing that much post production tricks? So what do you say? :)

  4. admin dit :

    I say that post production tricks can offset a lot not owning a Leica M9. You can get similar look with any camera. So get to work in front of your computer ;)

  5. Jimmy D dit :

    What an wonderful expression that man has, Yanidel. Well done, nailing it :)

    By the way, I want to thank you for your earlier posts about where to shoot in Paris. I was there a couple of weeks ago and had your spots plotted out in my Iphone. Excellent idea, and maybe something I will replicate for Stockholm on my own blog.


  6. Rick dit :

    Excellent shot, Yanidel! Random question: Do you use a hood or a filter with the Summilux?

  7. admin dit :

    Rick, it depends. In the past, only a filter to protect the lens. Currently I am using both the hood and the filter. I found it doesn’t matter much in terms of IQ, even with flare, so I really use them as protection.