Past and present

Technology is all around us, but did it really make things better ? (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux at F8.0, 1/180, ISO250

6 Responses to “Past and present”

  1. Vittore dit :

    Old and new. Nice catch!

  2. Sarah Atienza dit :

    hi uhmm i just checked your blog i would like to ask your permission to use your photos in my tumblr page i will credit you so that everyone can see your work your so good at photograpy.. can i use them? i will understand if you say no.

  3. Meng Qian dit :

    hi yanidel, we are an design company in China, we would like to ask your permission to use your photos, and certainly we would pay for it, pls contact us ASAP, then we may discuss the details directly. Thanks veeeeeeeeery much!

  4. Meng Qian dit :

    opss, our

  5. admin dit :

    Sarah, thanks and yes you can go ahead ! ;)