Paris Landscapes gallery

I have started the large task of organizing my archive of Paris pictures. Indeed, there are several hundreds pictures on this website (and thousands more in my computer), which makes it sometimes tough for readers or agencies to find shots corresponding to specific situations. I therefore decided to group my best shots in dedicated galleries and post them on my new website.

The first one of these galleries is made of landscapes / sceneries of Paris. I am not a landscape shooter yet I never skip on a good landscape opportunity, especially if there is somewhat of a street feel to hit. Some of the pictures in this gallery have been posted before, some have not, please click  or on the picture to discover it.


6 Responses to “Paris Landscapes gallery”

  1. Marta dit :

    Nice pictures! I’ve just discovered your blog and I can’t stop looking at your pictures. Paris is marvellous city.


  2. Irina dit :

    Thank you for your pictures, Paris seems so peaceful and quiet on them, just the way i’ve always imagined it while reading books or watching movies.
    p.s. i like your comments to pictures as well

  3. Calculi dit :

    Marvelous photos indeed. I wonder how many such good shots are hidden among those thousands on your computer. :-)

  4. so so so many photos of paris everywhere. the one in your post is my new favourite :)

  5. LaDra dit :

    Sorry but…which one is you new website’s address?