Moderating comments

Due to constant spams attack, I have to resort to moderating the comments. I really hate to have to do it, but this is the only counter I found to stop spam. I wish spammers had a life, might them get lost.

Note that though I am now moderating comments, anything related to photography will be posted. Be it positive or negative, with no alteration on my side.


3 Responses to “Moderating comments”

  1. Kevin dit :

    That sounds onerous. Can you whitelist accounts?

  2. Jasmo dit :

    Doesn’t Akismet help you? Do you have Akismet enabled? If not, do it. It helps with spam. A lot.

  3. admin dit :

    I had it activated but it asked for the sum of a calculation in French … problematic for the non-French speakers ;)