Sincerely, how many young man could resist to such a deep look in the eyes ? (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/250, ISO200

16 Responses to “Irresistible”

  1. Tiago dit :

    I love the contrast of her formal dress and very correct position with his complete casual clothing and relax position! :)
    Btw: very nice pictures of Portugal!!

  2. mlikol dit :


  3. Jeff dit :

    This IS a GREAT picture!

  4. Greet picture I like it

  5. Mig dit :

    Young or Old man!

  6. Very intense look. He must be her secret lover… well, not so secret anymore. Great capture. Did they notice you at all?

  7. admin dit :

    Mikael, they never noticed me, they were too much in their thing ;)

  8. Daniel dit :

    Beautiful, magic moment! You are great spotting instants like this without being noticed.

  9. Vladimir dit :

    What a fantastic foto, I have returned to it several times now.

  10. grapf dit :

    l’instant parisien comme il faut :-)

  11. ttt dit :

    very nice capture, well done.

  12. frankdejol dit :

    What a charming gaze, it must to be LOVE !
    Excellent shot !

  13. Loulou dit :

    un petit coucou en passant…
    A quel moment serez-vous en Inde ? Je serai toujours à Delhi l’année prochaine, YES ! :-)

  14. admin dit :

    Salut Loulou !

    Nous serons en Inde 3 mois, de mars à fin mai 2012. Et nous passerons pas Delhi, l’occasion d’aller faire des photos tous ensembles !! A bientôt, bises, Yanick

  15. Terry Jinings dit :

    What a great moment captured

  16. Murat dit :

    This is a very beautiful moment wihch you photographed, very nice photo.