End of Street Photography in Paris.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted much pictures lately. It is probably a good sign that my archive is running low of pictures worthy of being shown. We left Paris 10 months ago, and though I still have a lot of unshown pictures, I feel that the quality is not there anymore. For that reason, I guess it is better that I suspend the postings indefinitely.

Street photography « in Paris » ends, yet it goes on in other parts of the world. You can therefore follow my daily postings of our Round the world trip at my new website, http://www.yanidel.net .
Alternatively, I have created a « Yanidel Street Photography » Facebook page which I update daily.

Thank you so much for all of you that have followed this blog over the years. Thank you for all the comments, emails and sometimes friendships that were created through this blog.

And who knows, we might head back to Paris sometimes in the future !

20 Responses to “End of Street Photography in Paris.”

  1. Kevin dit :

    Boo! :( Love those photos. Your style particularly suits Paris. Hopefully someday you’ll make a book of all of your best shots!

  2. Anders Jeppsson dit :

    Thanks for a fantastic journey in my favorite of all!

  3. thanks for your many posts, pics and inspiration here!

  4. Michael dit :

    Thanks for the journey. I agree with the previous post that you and Paris that’s just a good mixture. One of my favorite blogs ends!

  5. Heather dit :

    C’est un énorme dommage écouter cette nouvelle, mais je respecte beaucoup votre integrité artistique. Vos photos de ma ville favorite me manqueront …

  6. Valery dit :

    I feel sad because this photoblog was a great inspiration for me. Thank you so much. Your photos are lovely and I learnt so much from them.

    Big hug my friend!!


    Barcelona Daily Photo

  7. asia dit :

    I had a wonderful time browsing through the pictures on this blog. Hope some day you’ll be back in Paris cause I’ll miss your shots like hell!

  8. Skip dit :

    Thank you for all the posts and the memories that they have created.

  9. bre dit :

    this is so sad, your Paris street photography has been quite an inspration and an escape for me. nonetheless, the photos in your other blog are as unique and alternative to your Paris shots.

  10. Jerome dit :

    C’est triste quand même :(

  11. Lis dit :

    Oh sad! I love your blog :( the photos have provided so much insperation

  12. Merisi dit :

    Merci for all the beautiful and inspiring pictures you shared with us!
    Good luck and bon voyage, looking forward what you will share with us next.

  13. Pegah dit :

    :( :(
    I Love Ur blog.

  14. MartinP dit :

    Thank you for all your work and efforts over such a long time. I was happy to meet you both in Barca with the RFF meet and will continue to watch your world-trip site.

    Good luck in your travels.

  15. Paul dit :

    Encore une bonne chose qui se termine… Bonne chance à vous, Yannick!

  16. uri from paris dit :

    come back soon!

  17. Sergio dit :

    I really enjoyed your series!

    Thanks for sharing

  18. Murat dit :

    All photos and web pages, beautiful…

  19. Stephen dit :

    Thanks for posting your pictures of paris. I think you’ll find that after you come back to your archive after a year or so, you’ll find a number of pictures that you passed over initially but now pop out at you.