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July 14th, Bastille Day

mardi, juillet 14th, 2009

A little pause in the countryside series as France celebrates today the heroes of the French Revolution. In parallel, the Tour de France enters its second week of competition. Therefore I felt this picture taken this afternoon on Les Champs-Elysées was a good symbol as both the country and the Tour are sometimes felt to be « without a driver » .   (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 35mm Lux Asph at F1.4, ISO160

Music Festival Day

lundi, juin 22nd, 2009

Now a yearly event in more than 110 countries, the « Fête de la musique » was created in France back in 1982 and always takes place on the first day of the Summer. Musicians are encouraged to invade the streets of the city and play all night long as thousands of wanderes go from one performance to the other. A bit isolated was this musician on « Le Pont des Arts », though his friends would soon pay attention to his jam.       (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 35mm Summilux Asph at 1.4, ISO 640

Salon Violet

jeudi, juin 18th, 2009

Paris is home to many art fair like the Salon Violet whose vernissage took place tonight. It is a nice opportunity to meet the artists, have a few drinks and sometimes be overwhelmed by a work of art.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron at F1.4, ISO640

The Marais Flea Market

mercredi, juin 3rd, 2009

Once a year, a huge flea market takes place in the oldest neighbourhood of the city, that is the Marais. You will find any item there with a special focus on trendy and fashion items. The atmosphere is friendly and after searching through the numerous stands, one will always find a trophy to bring back proudly home. Just like these two gentlemen on Sunday that  found their own creative way to carry their discoveries along.     (click on picture)


Leica M8 with 24mm Elmarit at F2.8, ISO320


Leica M8 with 24mm Elmarit at F2.8, ISO160

Lily (Lilies) of the Valley

vendredi, mai 1st, 2009

On the 1st of May, people will give Lily of the Valley to bring one year of luck to friends and family. This tradition dates back to 1561 when King Charles X decided to give these tiny flowers to all the Ladies of the court, it has been perpetuated since then. Now young people have taken over the royal task and sell the flowers all over the city in joy or … boredom.     (click on pictures to enlarge)



Both pictures taken with Leica M8, 35mm Lux Asph at 1.4, ISO160

The Eiffel Trumpet Band

jeudi, avril 2nd, 2009

At the bottom of the Eiffel tower, this extravagant trio part of a large band was giving a show for the many tourists. Paris still enjoys hundreds of street artists that perform all day long in search for coins by the passer bys. Some of them even find fame after years playing in the street, so this is probably also one of the best way to see the public reactionto their performances     (click on picture to enlarge)three-trumpet-girls-lr.jpgLeica M8 with 85mm Jupiter at F2, ISO160

Life Inside : the Art Exhibit

vendredi, mars 27th, 2009

While visiting the Artparis modern art fair, I noticed how the 150 stands each had their different layouts and interconnection between the staff. I thought the box below was an illustration of it. Class struggles, age, business, love affairs … obviously, there are many interpretation that can be made of this scene.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron, ISO320
photographie rue street photography paris leica m8

Foucault’s Pendulum

vendredi, mars 6th, 2009

Within the Pantheon hangs Foucault’s Pendulum. This giant marble swings almost endlessly while the earth rotates around its axis. Even if by 1851, it was already known that the earth rotated, it was this experiment by Foucault that proved it physically. While the relaunch of the marble should made very carefully to validate the experiment, this Pantheon worker  reset it manually like if he was the proud Guardian of an ancient craftwork.


Leica M8 with 85mm Jupiter 9 at F2, ISO640

Life inside : the art gallery

samedi, décembre 13th, 2008

Second part of the Life Inside series with this art gallery located in the Marais. Have you ever noticed that most gallery owners spend their time surfing on the internet ? Probably the result of long days awaiting for customers in these times of economic downturn.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with CV28mm Ultron at F2, ISO160

Painting the Arch of Triumph

dimanche, décembre 7th, 2008

While the Arch of Triumph is one of the most photographed site in the world, there are still a few artists taking time to paint their interpretation of the massive monument.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica m8 with CV28mm Ultron at F2, ISO160

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A closer look at Mona Lisa

lundi, décembre 1st, 2008

The Louvres Museum gets very crowded on weekends, especially the room very Vinci’s Mona Lisa is located. A big hurdle of tourists face the painting making it impossible to reach without patiently waiting for for a hole to open up. This man had probably given up  and fell back disappointed looking at the front cover of this museum guide.   (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron at F2, ISO640

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Restaurant : Thé aux 3 cerises.

mercredi, novembre 19th, 2008

A few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower on Avenue de Suffren, you can spend a nice moment at the Thé aux 3 cerises (« 3 Cherries Tea »). This very well decorated restaurant serves a great mix of salads, soup of the day, quiches and great home made desserts such as the famous Tarte Tatin or crumbles. With a little luck, you can even enjoy your meal in cozy sofas which will undoubtely tempt you to go for a little nap afterwards. Prices are a bit on the expensive side yet worth the quality, location and experience. (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with CV15mm at F4.5, ISO640


Leica M8 with CV40mm Nokton at F1.4, ISO160

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Carnavalet Museum

dimanche, novembre 2nd, 2008

Down in the fourth arrondissement, you will find the Carnavalet museum which relates the History of Paris. Through the dozens of rooms, you can discover how Paris evolved from a tiny burgade to today’s megapolis. This picture represents a scale model of Paris with a large crowd in front of the Hotel the Ville in the 19th century.


Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron at F2, ISO640 (click to enlarge)

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Tahitian Warrior

vendredi, octobre 10th, 2008

Tahiti is to France what Hawaii is to the US : the far away dream islands. While these islands are on the opposite face of the world, these paradise islands are part of the French overseas territories. Therefore you will now and then meet people from Tahiti in Paris, just like today when I found this fierce warrior on les Champs-Elysées. Obviously, he was part of a show.


Leica M8, 90mm Tele-Elmarit at F2.8, ISO160