Eric Bouvet
The website of an amazing photo reporter who won several prestigious awards over the course of his career, mainly as a war photographer. I was lucky to attend one of his summer courses in Arles on reportage and highly recommend it to anybody interested in this topic. He also designs customized courses for photography schools all over the country, so do not hesitate to contact him if you are interested.

Kodachrome Project
A great project to celebrate the 75th and last anniversay of Kodachrome by Dan Bayer. I love the colors of Kodachrome, too bad it will disappear.

Frank Petronio

Fran’s image are simply wonderful. He photographs mainly « amateur and alternative models that I’ve found online through social networking websites ». A daily blog to follow with with a great mixture of models attitudes, uncommon settings bound by his special photographic skill.


Describes the daily life in India through one picture a day with explanatory comments. Lots of colors and pictures full of life.

Art of The City

A great blog with colorful, smart and well composed pictures taken around the world.  Updated almost daily

Steve Huff Photos

A website that will provide useful reviews on Leica equipment as well as other brands. Articles are comprehensives and show pictures taken in the real world to illustrate the qualities of the items under review. Do not miss the « Seal Concert » gallery as some wonderful images can be seen there.

 The Thing Itself

A new blog dedicated to Street Photography and its main masters. Very thoughtful and documented articles :

The Europeans

An interesting blog on « Europeans » with some great pictures :

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