Where to shoot in Paris ?

Coming to Paris and don’t know where to shoot some street photography? This page lists some of the great spots in Paris. It will be updated weekly up to July, that is until about 15 spots are listed.

Spot I : Le Marais – In the heart of Paris trendy neighbourhood

Spot II : Bir-Hakeim Bridge – An open air metro line over the Seine River

Spot III : Rue de Rivoli – Winogrand style of photography on a busy street

Spot IV : Rue des Abbesses – The atmosphere of a small French town in the heart of Montmartre

Spot V : Les grands magasins – The frenziness of shoppers looking for the latest French chic.

Spot VI : The Flea Market  – Many atmospheres in this gigantic market

Spot VII : The Tuileries Garden – A Kings’ Garden downtown Paris for everyday strollers

Spot VIII : The Canal Saint-Martin – Long hours contemplating this water way right in the heart of the city.

Spot IX : Alexander III Bridge – A favorite of fashion and wedding photographers.

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